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Power Disc Lock

Power Disc Lock

The First Illegal Copy Detection Technology and Protector Software for Application Discs Without Need Special Disc or Drive, in the World

Power Disc Lock Features

Ability to Burn Data on Disc (Normal and Protected) on the Fly

Ability to Make and Burn Standard ISO File (Normal and Protected)

Ability to Protect Executable Files so That Illegal Copies Were Able to Detect and Will not Run

Ability to Make Anti Extraction Data From Protected Disc and Protected ISO File

Ability to Hide Folders From Operating System

Ability to Resize Folders up to 4 GB Without Destroy Extra Space on Disc

Ability to Add Several Dummy For Each File and Folder With The Same Attribute

No Need to Add Bad Sectors or Weak Sector or Other Obsolete Method

No Need Special Disc or Drive

Tested With Alcohol 120%, Clone CD, Daemon Tools and Other Raw Copy Softwares

Tested With ISOBuster, Ultra ISO and Other Extractors

Download Limited Edition

Limited Edition is for Testing Proceeds and Compatibility

The Limitation of Limited Edition is 200 MB

Warning : Read Help File (Tutorial) Before Use

Version 8.0 will be uploaded as soon as possible

Download Help File

Version 8.0 will be uploaded as soon as possible

Tel : +98 919 245 45 59

The Iranian Hero Soren سورنا دلاور ایرانی

سورنا دلاور ایرانی

The Iranian Hero Soren

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