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Simulate Midi Files on 3D Virtual Keyboard and Analyze

Pianorg Features

Open Songs(*.mid or *.midi File) and Play it on Virtual 3D Keyboard

Support Octave From 0 to 10

Analyze 16 Channels, Even Midi Files with one Track

Active Or Deactive Each Channel and Play one Channel or Multiple Channels in Two Mode 1-PIANO 2-Electronic Keyboard Real Time

Display Instrument of Each Channel And Ability to Change it up to 127 Instrument

Display Pitch wheel Of Each channel

Display Events And Notes of Each Track and Tempo

Change Color Of Played Keys (Up To Five Color)

No Need Special Driver

Note : Can Use For Piano or Electronic Keyboard Playing Tutor . Specific For Kids

Download Demo Edition

Download Pianorg (Persian Edition) | Demo | Size : 2.8 MB



Tel :

+98 919 245 45 59

The Iranian Hero Soren سورنا دلاور ایرانی

سورنا دلاور ایرانی

The Iranian Hero


برنامه نویسی




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